The start of the rafting from the village of Trafimovichi, Dyatlovsky District to the village of Mosty, Right, Mosty District, with a length of 42 km. and lasting 3 days.

The reserve is an important element of the transport ecological corridor of European importance. Location of the reserve along the largest water arteries of the NEMANA and SHCHARY rivers

The route belongs to the class of “weekend trip” – most demanded by tourists and is designed for the most popular group of newcomers. Difficult sections on the route are extremely rare. As a rule, it is underwater snags. Which can damage the shell of the kayak and the shoals. Snags are visible from far away and do not provide danger. During the route, every 40-60 minutes there are scheduled stops for rest, warm-up, food, fishing, games, swimming, etc., lasting from 15 minutes. Up to 2 hours. Here you can admire the nature, see the valuable communities of the CUFFINKA PURE WHITE, of the bird species WHITE HERON, BLACK STORK, SMALL KRYACHKA, from mammals SOM, SHCHUKA, LIN, see oaks – giants which are 300-400 years old, see the first rays of the sun because of Fir, inhale the aroma of medicinal herbs listed in the Red Book of RB. At 22 kilometers from the high bank, you can see how the 2 powerful rivers NEMAN and SHCHARA merge. This is a great place for the boss and fishing. On the route decorated tourist parking. The “Forester”, “Shimki”, “Shestily”, “Obsokh” camps with places for tents, canopies and tables for meals, places for bonfire and firewood, and even a hiking bath. On the coast of the river. Shchara there is a marking of each parking.

Thus, tourists will be able to relax, get acquainted with rare plant species listed in the Red Book of R. B. observe the immobility of the gray heron in anticipation of prey, see swans, whole flocks of gray ducks, etc., catch catfish, bream, pike, breathe the scent of meadow herbs.

Traveling through the reserve “Lipichanskaya Pushcha” you will get bright unforgettable impressions, learn the history and traditions of these places.



Product supplier “Lipichanska Forest” Organizer
brief description Water route belongs to a class of any category of visitors. The most in demand and a capacity for any category of visitors. Before the start of the route can be reached personal transport or by bus Bridges Ore -Lipichanskaya
List of key events of the tour a) conducting instruktozha,
b) delivery to the point of kayaks cakes.
Seasonal events From April to September, m-p.
Starting point hike D. Trafimovichi, Dyatlovo district of d. Right Mosty, Mosty district.
Place the tour At the request of the customer
Amenities (food, toilet) On the ground, parking, toilet and waste bin equipped.
Opportunities Cancel Cancellation no later than 3 days prior to the Alloy.
Recommended Duration With a length of 42 km. And the duration of 3 days.
The primary audience and the number of tourists 10 people
Distance from the nearest town Bridges – 35 km. Shchuchin -37 km. Dyatlovo – 35km.
Access for vehicles Vehicles may be parked in the parking lot of the reserve.
Number of visitors per year 200