Holy Trinity schary krinitsa

Old-timers remember how the Germans destroyed a wooden church standing on the shore of Shara and shot a priest. After a while, water ran out at that place. Now there is equipped and naked Krinitsa. Nearby there is a font where you can plunge. The water in the source is surprisingly clear, cold, does not freeze even in the most severe frosts. There are legends that she heals. Folk path to the source does not grow.

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Old tar house

The remains of the old tar-house, which worked after the war, have been preserved not far from Holy Trinity Schary krinitsa. Tar is built in compliance with the traditional principles of forcing the tar, which evolved in the field for centuries. Oak barrels, dug into the ground, are connected by underground passages to tanks in which from the rhizomes Make a page about a crynite, tar, museum, old oaks. Photos taken either from the document or from the folder on the server drove out the resin. On underground passages without oxygen access, it flowed into barrels, becoming tar.

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Museum dugout near the village of Shimki

In the Great Patriotic War, partisan detachments found shelter in the Lipichanskaya Pushcha. It housed a partisan hospital. To this day, one of the dugouts has been preserved near the village of Shimki. Local partisans derailed 267 enemy echelons, 50 bridges were blown up, more than 60 enemy garrisons were defeated. The Germans put a lot of effort to dislodge the partisans from the forest and capture it, but they did not succeed. During one of the punitive operations, the village of Shimki was burned to the ground. Near it is a memorial complex in memory of the inhabitants of the Mosty region, who died in the war.

You can get acquainted with the unique and rich nature of the reserve during a walk along the “Shchary Coast” hiking route, it has an average length of only 4-5 km. Start this route by the bridge over the river. On the way, you will meet the dugout museum, the villages of Shimki and Kamennaya Shchara, you will see the old wooden church and no less old tar pit, the miraculous temple and memorial to the victims of fascism and heroes.

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Old Oaks