The route belongs to the class of “weekend trips” – the most popular on the Belarusian market and is designed for the most powerful group of tourists – beginners.
The route of the trip Zachepichi – Novoselki with a length of 2 days -36 km.

Zachepichi – Stupas of Dubrava, 1 day in length – There are no technically difficult areas.

In the summer, when the water is low, the shoals are quite often annoying. Therefore, on motorized vessels and on ships with a large draft, it is necessary to be more attentive.

It is most convenient to start the route in the vicinity of the bridge of the village Zachepichi, Shchuchinsky district. The village is located near the road in the direction of Dyatlovo, Schuchin, Bridges. You can get to the village by the shuttle bus Grodno – Dyatlovo, the stop of the village Zachepichi.

However, more convenient access by personal transport. To the glade, which is convenient to unload and collect kayaks. The glade is large and can accommodate up to 100 people.

Below the bridge on the left bank of the river. Neman throughout the route stretches a large beautiful oak forest here grow oaks by age which reach 300-350 years. In one of these oak trees you can stay for the night. There are also no problems with parking – at the services of tourists a sufficient number of equipped parking. However, when planning a tour and choosing a parking lot, it is not necessary to inform the administration of the reserve.

1 day:
The river comes close to the meadow. Coming easy.
An hour later, having come to the left bank of the river, you will be able to breathe the scent of meadow grasses, where plants listed in the Red Book of Belarus grow.

An hour later, you will see the channel of the lake “Ost” flowing into the river. Neman. On the lake you can find a gray heron, a small tern, from a vascular yellow capsule, a pure white waterlily listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. An amazing landscape opens across the turn. 3 km you will come to the most beautiful place – the confluence of two rivers of the Neman and the river Schara

Traveling through the reserve you will get a vivid and unforgettable experience.


Products Suppliers Organizer – reserve “Lipichanska Forest”
Brief description Water alloy route is classified as “weekend trips” – the most demand on the Belarusian market and is designed to advise large groups of tourists – beginners.
List of key events a) conducting instruktozha,
b) the lake of “war”
c) Stukolovskaya oak grove,
g) “Bald Mountain”
d) Merge Nemunas and r.Schara
Seasonal features From April to September, m-p.
Place the beginning of the campaign D.Zachepichi, Shchuchin area -d.Novoselki Masty district na.36 km. 2 days.
Place the beginning of the tour, amenities (food, toilet) On the ground, equipped with parking, toilet, waste bins, kastrysche canopy.
Recommended Duration 1 day or more
Opportunities Cancel Cancel at least 3 days before the start of the campaign
Distance from the nearest town Bridges -40km., Shchuchin-32km., Dyatlovo -35km.
Access for vehicles Vehicles may be parked in the parking lot of the reserve.
Number posetiteleyv year 250
Presentation Date 2018 year.