Coast r. Shchara is a promising center for the development of ecological tourism at the republican level.

The route is designed for a different tourist category for both schoolchildren and adult visitor.

The length of the route is 4-5 km. It begins with a bridge over the river. Shchara – museum dugout, Shimki – Stone Shchara. It includes an inspection of the following objects.

1. Stone monuments on the left bank of the r. Shchara, where before the war was the old church and the cemetery with her. During one of the punitive operations, the fascists burned the church, and only monuments testify to the place of its former location.

2 Old tar, which was built before the war in compliance with all the principles of forcing tar, which have been used in the Pushcha for centuries. Today in Belarus there are no such places where you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of one of the most common trades of the inhabitants of Belarusian forests. This building can be considered unique.

For a more unique use of this object, its reconstruction is necessary.

3. Miraculous Crinica in the hollow on the left bank of the r. Schara, the water in it does not freeze even in the most severe frosts. At the source of the cross, consecrated by a local priest.

4. Memorial to the victims of fascism and the heroes – the partisans on the right bank of the r. Schara. The memorial includes a stele with a bas-relief which depicts the silhouettes of partisans, civilians, and plates with the name of the villages and villages of the Mosty district, which indicate the number of participants in the partisan movement and the people who died at the hands of the fascists.

5. Guerrilla bath.

6. Shimki is one of the partisan bases during the Great Patriotic War. During the punitive operation, the Nazis burned the village. To date, here you can see the ashes from the huts burned by punitive houses. Post-war buildings were built in the traditional style for the Pushcha architecture. This is a picturesque village houses, built of hewn eyebrows. Here you can collect well water or buy milk. (Photos)

7. After 100 meters behind the village there is a unique group of trees. Alder, ash, white and black birch grow close to each other on the outskirts of a small marsh overgrown with grass. Black birch is listed in the Red Book. The tree is very rare in Belarus. In the “Lipchanskaya Pushcha” there are only 6 of them.

A visit to this attraction is not always available due to its location in a marshland. It is necessary to equip the approach to unique places.

8. The “Stone Shchara” halt is located at the place where the Shchara is divided into two sleeves. On the opposite bank of the river is the village of Moskali. Hydronym in its history has a real history of the confrontation of two villages – Muscovites and the Backyard. The villages were located on the shore of the two branches of the Shara which washed the shores. The more water passed by the leaders, the more the village suffered. For many years, the inhabitants of both villages have been terribly hostile for decades, and they built dams with stones to turn the water of Shara into an “alien” sleeve.

Today it is one of the most beautiful places on the river. Schara. Beavers, otters are found here, you can see a gray heron, catch a catfish, see the nests of swans, admire the sunrise, breathe the scent of wild plants, make a collection of wild herbs. This is a great place for an overnight stay and fishing.

Journey to the reserve “Lipichanskaya Pushcha” you will get vivid and unforgettable impressions, learn the history and traditions of these places.

Product supplier “Lipichanska Forest” Organizer
Brief description Pesci route belongs to a class trips of any category of visitors. The most popular and targeted at any category of tourists. . Prior to the beginning of the route e Shymkiv can be reached by bus Bridges – Ore Lipichanska, as well as possible access by private transport.
List of key events of the tour. a) briefing
b) Shymkiv – memorial
c) the miraculous Krynica
d) parking Shymkiv – light snack
d) the black birch
g) stone Shara.
Seasonal features From April to September, m-p.
Starting point hike The miracle-working Krynica – Stone Shara.
Place the tour At the request of the customer.
Amenities (food, toilet) Meals are self-organized on-site parking, toilet and waste bin equipped.
Opportunities Cancel Cancel at least 3 days before the start of the campaign.
Recommended Duration From 3 to 4 hours, and more
The primary audience and the number of tourists
Distance from the nearest town Bridges – 35 km. Shchuchin – 37 km. Dyatlovo -35km.
Access for vehicles Vehicles may be parked in the parking lot of the reserve.
Number of visitors per year 150
Presentation Date 2016 year.