1. Ecological trail to pass along the section of the water-glacial plain.
You can walk along the path of eolian dunes, which stretch between the villages of Goluby and d.Stukaly. See the world of medicinal plants, plants listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. Learn about forest formations.
The surface of the relief is flat-wavy due to the dunes located towards the south-west.
The route along the ecological path starts from Sokolina Gora, which is located at the end of the village of Goluby, 200 meters to the south (Zachepichsky Forestry of the Schuchinsky Forestry Enterprise) from Sokolina Gora. lakes of 4.5 hectares. Here the extremely rare for Belarus and the listed in the Red Book RB white lily, butterbur fake, Russian camel have been formed. In the quarter number 2 of Zachepichskoye forestry nest gray serokoput, a rare species of birds listed in the Red Book of Belarus.

2. Plant Conditions.
In the structure of the settlements along the ecological path, pine forests dominate, which grow in more elevated locations. Spruce, birch, aspen, alder, and hazel are found in the stands. Mossy and bilberry series of forest types dominate. The undergrowth forms small-leaved species: spruce, often oak occurs. Well-developed undergrowth along the coast of the river Nemon of willows.
Small open bogs are swamped in a lowland type: sedge-trash communities develop.
The forest trails of the ecological path are rich in berry and mushroom resources. Of the mushroom caps, the most common are the boletus, boletus, chanterelles and others. There are rare species of mushrooms. Also found Veselka ordinary listed in the Red Book of Belarus.
In the quarter No. 5 of the Zachepichsky Forestry on the Popovskoye Lake, the nightingale cricket, a small migratory and migratory species in the territory of Belarus, have chosen the place for themselves;.

3. Equipment seats.
Near the tract “Meadow” on the bank of the river Neman equipped with a place of rest. The second resting place in the tract “Dubrava” on the bank of the river Neman near the village of Stukly.

Leading specialist of the reserve “Lipichanskaya Pushcha”: Sharkovskaya S.I..